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Rolling in style

Rolling out dough to just the right thickness can be hard. But with Evendough Bands you can you can roll your dough to just a fraction of an inch.

Evendough Bands Sur La Table

In order to make a perfect pie crust, you have to make sure to roll your dough to just the right thickness. The same holds true for a whole list of other baked goods. And while my grandmother can roll out dough to a quarter-inch thickness with no worries, I am not so talented. With Regency's Evendough Bands, however, I don't have to be.

These rubber rings slip on to a rolling pin to keep it evenly spaced above surfaces. The set includes rings for doughs of varying thicknesses: one-sixteenth of an inch, one-eighth, one-fourth, and three-eighths. There are two rubber rings for each thickness (one for each end of the rolling pin). The Evendough Bands fit rolling pins of up to four inches in diameter. To use, you simply flour the rings along with the rolling pin. They are hand-wash only.

A pack of Evendough Bands is priced $8.95. They work for puff pastry, biscuits, cookie dough, and plenty of other pastries. I'm convinced that using a rolling pin ring is certainly easier than trying to roll out dough to a fourth of an inch on my own.