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Tech Industry

Roller-coaster week for tech stocks

A 500-point plunge followed by a rebound does not bode well for technology issues as analysts remain skittish and online traders hit snags.

roundup  In this week's market madness, the technology industry was among the sectors hardest hit by Monday's stock drubbing on Wall Street, with the Dow Jones Industrials and Nasdaq seeing their largest one-day point declines ever. The tables would only turn Tuesday when the market made a record-breaking rebound. The sizzle was squelched, however, by glitches at online trading firms that executed trades long after they were placed and by analysts' war of words, which pulled investors in opposite directions and drove PC and chip stocks down.

Analysts divided on skittish Street
By Suzanne Galante
It was another skittish day on Wall Street today, as PC and chip stocks were hurt by analysts' war of words.

Traders compensated for delays
By Paul Festa
After facing record-breaking volume earlier this week, at least one online trading firm is shelling out compensation money to clients whose trades were delayed.

Net plays role in market rebound
By Paul Festa
news analysis Amateur investors, the group credited with fueling the rebound, buy and sell online.

Tech stocks look for recovery
By Suzanne Galante
update A glimmer of light falls on technology stocks this morning after being pelted by the hardest one-day point drop in Wall Street's trading history.

High-tech stocks take a beating
By Jeff Pelline
update Technology stocks are among those hardest hit on Wall Street, and many Web sites are sluggish as investors rush online to trade or get information.