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Roller coaster meets the hamster wheel

The "Buzzball" is a giant spherical conveyance.


This may be the closest thing we've seen to the "Bus Ball" coming to life. Even its name is similar: The "Buzzball."

Evento, a New Zealand company with a passion for the absurd, is living up to its reputation once again with this spherical contraption. "At the heart of the Buzzball is a dual motor configuration, enabling the pilot to control the motion and direction of travel via left and right control triggers, which provides power to the driving wheels," its Web site says. The result, according to Slippery Brick, is a "one-man roller coaster."

If you're given to motion sickness, as are we, you might want to stay as far away from this thing as possible, especially if it advances beyond its prototype stage. If you simply must satisfy your inner calling to experience a human hamster wheel, the stationery "Vitusphere" might be a better bet.