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Get a victory glow with LED-lit metal Luma Dice

Your gaming future could look bright, if a set of LED glowing-dot dice takes off on Kickstarter.

Rock up your rolls with LED dots.

Min Mendis

Regular plastic dice get the job done when it comes time to roll for hit points or test your paladin's strength against a rust monster, but they're just not very interesting to look at. You can add some flair to your gaming experience with a set of six-sided Luma Dice, metal dice with LED-lit dots that shine in different colors for each face.

The Luma Kickstarter project aims to fund the production of these nifty-looking dice. They're made from aluminum with rounded-off corners. Color LEDs bring the excitement. A motion-detection system activates the lights. A set of four tiny screws holds one of the die faces in place and gives access to the battery inside.

These aren't the first glowing dice we've seen. The Space Roller dice, a successfully funded Kickstarter, feature glow-in-the-dark paint on their circuit board-like lines and dots. Boogie Dice, another popular crowdfunding project, are light-up self-rolling dice that respond to noise. The Luma dice are different thanks to their metal construction with glowing dots.

Random rolls are important for keeping your gaming fair. Here's what Luma says about the dice balance: "LED dice are well distributed across each side with regard to its weight. We have done our best to balance them, but we can't guarantee perfect balance. We can guarantee however fair rolls and no heavy skews." You'll have to decide if that's within your personal tolerances for fair dice.

The dice are 6-sided, so for many games you'll still need 20-sided and other types of dice. I would suggest a be-tentacled kraken d20 if you want to add some flair to your battles.

Keep in mind that not all crowdfunding projects deliver on time and as expected. With 50 days left to run, Luma has attracted nearly $15,000 in funding, topping its $10,643 funding goal. A pair of dice in your choice of finishes runs a $21 (about £15, AU$30) pledge, and ships anywhere in the world. That's a pretty reasonable price for a set of fancy custom dice that will shine like a beacon of hope through the darkest games you can find.