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Roku upgrades app to Windows 10

The app, which is initially available to laptop and tablet users in the US, has a new homepage design and Cortana integration.


Roku entered the Windows 10 era yesterday by releasing a new remote control app for laptops and tablets.

The app, which is now available for free in the US from the Windows Store, gives users a new homepage design and the usual slate of features for the streaming set-top box. You'll be able to select channels, search for content, play music and show photos and use Cortana to make your selections.

The company said it's the first time that tablet users will be able to use the Roku app to get its full breadth of channels and movies.

On the company's blog, Roku Senior Product Manager Matthew Wee said the app would be released internationally soon and would get more features in the coming weeks. Availability for Windows phones was not announced.