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Roku adds Qello Concerts channel

The Qello app, which offers music concert videos, will be hitting Roku streamers today.


Roku may have gained another major rival yesterday in the form of Amazon's Fire TV , but it hasn't stopped the streaming upstart from expanding its roster of channels. The latest addition is Qello Concerts, a channel that offers a huge library of musical performances and documentaries for a flat fee of $4.99 per month.

Qello is no stranger to the streaming universe, with apps already available on a wide variety of platforms, including the aforementioned Fire TV, Apple TV, iOS and Android devices, Kindles, PlayStation 3 and Vita, Sony and Samsung smart TVs, and the Web. (And yes, like Netflix, that one monthly fee covers access across all of those compatible devices.)

The Qello app will be available today on all current-generation Roku devices. Furthermore, Roku users can take advantage of a free 7-day trial available directly from the on-screen menu.

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