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'Rogue One' will be the best Star Wars movie of the year

Podcast: Let's just be honest, it's a lot of "Rogue One" theories and talk. Plus, our top 5 favorite prequels.

We've been speculating wildly about "Rogue One" since the trailer dropped and we're sharing it all with you!

Personally, I think everyone is related to someone we already know and that there's no way this Star Wars story will be any less incestuous then previous ones. But, hey, who knows? With 8ish months to go, who knows what we'll discover before the opening.

Also, did you know "Doctor Who" will have another spin-off? Well now you do, and this week we got our first look at the cast and set this week. We also recap the rest of the week's pop culture news (I know, it boggles the mind that there's more, huh?) and share our top 5 favorite prequels (did Bambi 2 make the list???).

Psst: At about 8 minutes in, we reference the trailer for "The Force Awakens." Here's a link to that trailer and the new "Rogue One" trailer. When you get there, don't worry, we'll wait while you sync 'em up and watch.

Empire Day (s1e6)

Oh, you want to know what else happened this week? Here's a quick rundown: