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Futuristic roller skates zip along at 12 mph

There are no flames shooting out the back, but Rocketskates give you the look of the future, strapped firmly to your feet.

These skates apparently go great with mesh gloves. Acton

Roller-skating has gone through waves of popularity, from the short-shorts on Venice Beach look of the '70s to the Rollerblades of the '80s, all the way to the current revival in roller derby. Now, it's time to embrace the next generation of roller-skating. Open your arms to welcome Rocketskates from Acton, motorized electric skates that are a cross between retro-futuristic and just plain futuristic.

The Rocketskates weigh seven pounds each and fit over your regular shoes, though you probably won't want to try to strap them over a pair of high heels. You can walk fairly normally with the skates on, giving wearers the flexibility to go up stairs if needed. The skates are started by kicking off with your feet, meaning there's no remote to keep track of.

Naturally, there's an app that goes with the footwear, allowing skaters to connect with other Rocketskates owners, track mileage, play games, and even control one of the skates separately from wearing it, kind of like an RC toy. The skates have already rolled their way past a $50,000 funding goal on Kickstarter, with buyers running the current total up over $113,000.

The basic R6 Rocketskate model has a maximum speed of 12 mph with a six mile or 45-minute range and can handle a person up to 275 pounds. The top-of-the-line R10 improves on the range with 10 miles or 90 minutes of operation.

Rocketskates will set you back a chunk of change. The standard pledge price is $499, though some $399 early birds are still available. That's a lot to lay down for a pair of roller skates, but that's the price of being on the cutting edge of wheeled foot transportation. We may not have hoverboards yet, but at least we have Rocketskates. This gives me hope that society will eventually drag all of our childhood visions of the future into reality.

Rocketskates: not just for people who wear short-shorts. Acton