RocketFM to take off?

Griffin Technology's new RocketFM has launched, but it's still unclear whether the USB FM transmitter will take off.

Credit: Griffin Technology

The wireless RocketFM, which sells for about $40 on Griffin's Web site, allows you to broadcast Mac or PC audio applications--such as iTunes or GarageBand--through your home, car, hotel or any FM stereo system. It's the sequel to Griffin's iTrip FM transmitter, made specifically for the iPod.

The RocketFM just shipped to consumers late last month, so most of the online feedback is preliminary oohing and ahhing about the "cool" design, as one reader of the Unofficial Apple Web Log put it.

An Engadget contributor, however, who had preordered the item and received it last week, said "the quality is good at close range." He thinks the company's alleged claim that the device works up to 30 feet away from the FM stereo is "stretching it." At long distances, he's noticing a lot of hissing. Another Engadget contributor came up with a "cool party idea," in which guests would all bring boom boxes for a group broadcast around the RocketFM.

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