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Rocketboom struggling to get going again

In the immediate aftermath of the , Andrew Baron, the majority owner of the popular videoblog, insisted he would have the site back up and running Monday.

Well, Monday came, and it wasn't up yet. But he promised it would be going up Tuesday.

And here we are on Tuesday, and Baron's promise is not looking so good.

Instead, he's got a very short video with the traditional Rocketboom introduction and its iconic world map background, only to conclude with a baseball catcher flying across the screen and making a breaking glass sound as he disappears screen right.

And the explanation for not getting the vlog going as promised?

"Producing Rocketboom every day is a challenge but nothing has ever been as challenging as what we are going through right now," the site read Tuesday. "Rocketboom was obviously very dependent on Amanda's role. Since she left so suddenly, I have tried to get the episodes up and running as soon as possible, though I am not comfortable with the way they are going yet."

Fair enough. But if you're going to find yourself in such a position, it's probably wise not to tell the world that everything will be fine beforehand. It's all about setting expectations.

Meanwhile, we're now all finding out just how valuable Congdon was to the production (check out video here. Which is to say: completely.