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Rocketboom loses its famous face

It's been all over the blogosphere Wednesday and our partners over at ZDNet covered it as well, but it's still worth noting here that Amanda Congdon, the increasingly famous face of the very popular videoblog Rocketboom, has left.

According to a video she posted under the rubric, "UnBoomed," Congdon alluded to a falling out between her and her partner, Andrew Baron--who she said owns 51 percent of the venture to her 49 percent.

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Video: Rocketboom sans Amanda
The Rocketboom video blog is on hiatus and hopes to relaunch on July 10 with a new presenter. Here's a a CNET interview with Congdon at San Francisco's Vloggercon in June.

And indeed, on Rocketboom itself today, readers found an announcement of the split.

Baron is saying the divorce had to do with Rocketboom's inability to meet Congdon's wishes to move Rocketboom's production to Los Angeles from New York and her subsequent desire to pursue other opportunities in Hollywood.

She does not mention that in her UnBoomed video, and in a posting on a new blog, Amanda UnBoomed, she indicated she wanted to continue what she'd been doing for Rocketboom all along, but from L.A. And, she says in the entry, Baron fired her.

She also includes in this blog entry a back and forth between her and Baron in which they argue over the reasons she is leaving.

For his part, Baron is saying that he wanted to assist Congdon with her L.A. desires, but that she demanded to be satisfied immediately and Rocketboom could not meet her timeline.

Regardless of who is to blame for the Rocketboom fissure, this is definitely dirty laundry that I'm sure neither side wanted aired publicly. But it's out there now, and you can be sure that a lot of people are going to want to know the truth behind what really happened.