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Tech Industry

Rocket Software acquires Microsoft's Folio, NXT

Software giant selling off two of its recently-acquired publishing tools from its Fast Search and Transfer purchase to software company Rocket Software.

Microsoft on Wednesday announced that it is selling off its Folio and NXT businesses to Massachusetts-based Rocket Software.

Folio, which now goes by the name of Rocket Folio, is a suite of four publishing tools, while NXT (now Rocket NXT) handles publishing Intranet documents. The two businesses came as part of Microsoft's acquisition of Fast Search and Transfer in 2008, a deal that was valued at $1.2 billion. Terms of Wednesday's deal have not yet been disclosed.

As part of the acquisition, Rocket Software will be taking over customer service duties, along with billing. An FAQ page about the change in hands has also been made available both on Microsoft's and Rocket Software's pages. Additionally, Rocket Software will be hosting a Webinar/town hall next week to talk about the transition.