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Rocket League Xbox One patch notes include big fixes and more

Soccer-with-cars game's fourth title update also improves overall stability and more.

A new patch for the Xbox One version of soccer-with-cars game Rocket League is rolling out now. The update, the fourth major one since the game arrived in February, improves performance in a handful of arenas and fixes bugs that, in some cases, could cause the game to crash.

The patch notes were published on Rocket League's website and are available below.

Arenas such as DFH Stadium, Utopia, Utopia Dusk, and Wasteland should all now see improved performance, but developer Psyonix did not provide any details on specific changes.

As for the bug fixes, the patch fixes a problem where the Competitive division text was displaying incorrectly. Additionally, the update adjusts the default UI size, while overall, game stability should be improved following this update.

You can see the full patch notes below.

For lots more on Rocket League, you can read GameSpot's interview with Psyonix about the game's big success, the possibility of cross-network play, and winning awards.

Rocket League March 24 Xbox One Patch Notes

Changes and updates


  • Improved performance in the following Arenas:
    • DFH Stadium, Utopia, Utopia Dusk, and Wasteland

Bug fixes


  • Improved overall game stability and fixed multiple crash instances


  • Fixed an issue that cause the Competitive division text to appear as debug text strings


  • Adjusted default UI size to properly display the standard size