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Rocket League adding free Deadmau5 DLC in February

The EDM artist's trademark mouse hat will be available as a topper and antenna.

Rocket League's free February update will introduce, among other things, new downloadable content (DLC) based on EDM (electronic dance music) artist Deadmau5's trademark mouse hat.

As you can see in the image below, next month's update will bring a new Deadmau5 topper and antenna that you can adorn your car with.

Deadmau5, whose real name is Joel Zimmerman, is no stranger to gaming.

He performed at the 2015 Game Awards and during an Xbox One launch event. He was also featured in Activision's DJ Hero franchise and appeared in Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff. Additionally, one of Deadmau5's songs was used in the Project Cars launch trailer.

Rocket League's February update also brings about an end to the first season of Rocket League competitive play. Season 2 will begin sometime later, featuring new divisions, titles, and more.

In other Rocket League news, you can now play a version of the soccer-with-cars game inside of Goat Simulator.

Rocket League is available now for PS4 and PC, with an Xbox One version set to arrive in February.