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Rocket fans successfully launch porta-potty into the sky

A group of Michigan rocket enthusiasts strap a rocket to a porta potty and launch it skyward. Because, why not?

Orion, Schmorion. While the supergeniuses at NASA were launching their next-gen spacecraft last week, the Michiana Rocketry club was hard at work launching a porta-potty into the sky.

The group launched the porta-potty on Saturday, when it flew in an arch and almost landed on a spectator's truck some 2,000 feet away from the launch site, according to The Herald-Palladium. Michiana Rocketry had been planning the porta-potty launch for over two years as part of their efforts to raise awareness of rocketry as a hobby. Plus, they thought it'd be pretty fun to prove they could turn a portable toilet into a dang rocket.

The porta-potty rocket stayed aloft for 38 seconds, the video shows. Fortunately, the portable toilet wasn't full of waste at the time of launch. Launching a full porta-potty would have been a pretty, um, wasteful, ending to an otherwise spectacular day for the group.

This porta-potty rocket sailed through the Michigan sky on Saturday, but don't expect it to carry people to the moon. Video screenshot by Anthony Domanico/CNET

(Via Laughing Squid)