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Rock Band VR riffing on Oculus Rift from March 23

The virtual reality incarnation of Rock Band will let you improvise your very own guitar solos.

Strap yourselves in VR fans, shredding time cometh.

Rock Band is coming to virtual reality in March, with the game's Twitter account announcing on Sunday the Oculus Rift will get Rock Band VR on March 23.

Rock Band VR looks to encourage your creativity, with developer Harmonix saying you'll be able to riff freely on stage.

"The idea that players can craft their own guitar parts in real-time is kind of mind-blowing, " said the game's creative head Greg LoPiccolo. "Laying down solos in RBVR is one of the most satisfying things I have ever done in a video game."

Fret not though, the classic "note highway" style of gameplay will still be an option.

You can preorder the game, or a bundle including a Rock Band VR guitar, on Amazon.

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