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Rock Band guitar gets DIY infrared upgrade

YouTube user posts video of what is believed to be the world's first light beam gaming guitar.

See? No strum bar. YouTube

The closer you can come to feeling like a real rock star in Guitar Hero or Rock Band the better, right? As long as you don't have to deal with the occasional drug overdose or huge bills from angry hotel managers, life is good. Now, two dudes on the Internets bring us slightly closer to living our fantasy.

YouTube user adderd019 posted a video of what is believed to be the world's first light beam gaming guitar. The guys took a gaming guitar, removed the strum bar, and replaced it with a single infrared beam, projected by a LED emitter.

The beam is 5 millimeters wide, and instead of having to stroke the strum bar, you can now tap, flip, slide, or emulate a real musician by pretending you have a guitar pick between your fingers to play each chord. As long as you break the infrared beam, you're good.

The beam is invisible, so we'll have to take the video's word that this actually is what they say it is. Although why someone would fake this is beyond me.

If the guys release schematics and instructions, maybe I'll actually start playing Rock Band. I don't like playing things I suck at, so I have little interest in the game as of now. Not sure if an invisible and intangible strum bar will make a difference, but that's the excuse I'm using now for my suckage.