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Robots take the big screen in NYC next week

The Robot Film Festival July 16-17 in New York will feature shorts about robots, robot entertainers, and the Botskers red-carpet awards ceremony.


Robots are getting their own film festival next week in New York City, an exciting collection of shorts featuring robots exploring everything from scientific research to romance.

Slated for July 16 and 17 at Three Legged Dog theater in lower Manhattan, the inaugural Robot Film Festival will feature dozens of short films as well as a filmmaking workshop, robot entertainers, and a red-carpet awards ceremony, The Botskers.

The festival opens with Spike Jonze's 2010 romantic short "I'm Here" (see trailer below) and includes a host of new productions.

If you like getting creeped out by bots, one of the shorts that will be screened is "CB2: Child Robot with Biomimetic Body," showcasing the infamous CB2 cybertot developed at Osaka University.

The event is being organized by Heather Knight of Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Institute; Marek Michalowski, co-developer of the ineffably cute dance robot Keepon, is the video coordinator.

"Our goal with the film festival and the expanding community that we're building around it is to explore modern relationships between mankind, technology and nature," Knight said in a release.

"The films include stories about real and fictional robots, depicting interactions between robots, nature and society. They're created with consideration of overall entertainment value, inspiration of future technologies, creativity and robot design."

What with Daniel Wilson's novel "Robopocalypse" and this film fest, robots are getting a lot of love this summer. Get your tickets to the show here.