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Robots make you rich

Our story of two robots that help you recover money.

Photo of John Corney and his robot.
John Corney would find nothing but dog crap and malt liquor caps in my neighborhood. Wiltshire Times

We've seen the robots that mow your lawn, save your life, hit on your girlfriend, make you an omelet, dispense Kleenex, even make abstract artwork--but where are the robots that help make you filthy rich? We found two robot contenders today that should at least pay for themselves over time.

First off, John Corney from Wiltshire, UK, has spent the past seven years perfecting a remote controlled metal detector. Inspired by robotic land-mine sweepers, John adapted a wonderfully selfless and humanitarian idea into something far more personally rewarding. Although he spent approximately $3,800 to develop and build the robot, he claims to have already salvaged hundreds of antique coins.

Old valuable junk is great, but what about some serious dough? Well, the Tampa-based Odyssey Marine Exploration, Inc. announced recently that they've used their own underwater robot (named Zeus) to recover over $500,000,000 worth of silver and gold coins from a colonial-era shipwreck. Zeus weighs in at 8 tons and uses 2 arms and 8 thrusters to explore and collect its ancient booty. The location of the shipwreck has been kept secret until the salvage effort is complete.

(via RobotGossip)