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Robotic nuptials

Facebook gets new security features, a potential link between cell phones and cancer is still a mystery, and a couple in Japan has their marriage officiated by a robot.

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If you listen to me on The 404, you may already know how I hate weddings. But the wedding mentioned in Monday's morning episode of Loaded is tolerable for this geeky killjoy.  

The couple in question was wed by a four-foot robot named i-Fairy. Even a romantic curmudgeon like me has to admit, this guy is cute. 

This is your first of two editions of Loaded today. We are broadcasting a morning and an afternoon edition of the show Monday through Friday, starting today! You may notice the show will be quite a bit shorter. We hope that this will help keep you informed about the news you care about more in the midst of your busy day. So for now, consider yourself Loaded and ready to be re-Loaded again soon.