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Robotic fortune teller is worse than clowns

It scares the hell out of us.

If animatronic heads like the "WowWee Alive Elvis" freaked you out, we don't recommend reading on with this post. As if the turban-wearing mannequin in Big weren't bad enough, "Zultan"--an "animated speaking fortune teller"--brings carnival creepiness to an entirely new level.

The baritone-voiced Zultan's head, which bears a remarkable resemblance to Linda Blair's possessed noggin in The Exorcist when it wasn't doing 360-degree pirouettes, remains hidden behind a curtain until it detects sound or senses someone approaching. Then the fortune teller emerges from the shadows as its "wrinkled head, toothless mouth, and recessed feral eyes move in unison while he speaks, accompanied by carnival organ music." Yikes.

It gets better: Using a wireless microphone, you can stream your own voice through the decaying head from a concealed location. It makes the RC tarantula look like a preschool toy.