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RoboThespian a raving, emotional mess

RoboThespian model RT3 shows off his acting chops in some new promo videos. The programmable automaton is designed to be a pitchman for hire.

Is your company's marketing department getting enough attention? If not, try going robot. RoboThespian is a robot pitchman that can chew the scenery better than William Shatner, crying like a baby and laughing hysterically a second later.

First created in 2005 by U.K. firm Engineering Arts, RoboThespian is built on an aluminum chassis and powered by compressed air. He can be controlled live or act out programmed skits from "Star Wars," Shakespeare, or just about anything else. I'd love to see him do Captain Kirk.


The latest generation, RT3, has a redesigned torso, pelvis, and legs. Onboard hardware includes a 1.6GHz Atom processor and 32GB SSD for motion storage and control software. He can read scripts and text in 15 languages including Mandarin Chinese.

RoboThespian follows robots like Mitsubishi's household bot Wakamaru and Kokoro's lifelike Actroid, both of which have done stints as comedians, models, and actors. They've been available for rent, opening up a niche market for PR robots.

Thespian is available for rent or sale (price tag: around $82,000), or you can check him out at the Roboworld exhibit at Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh, home to the Robot Hall of Fame.

(Via Wired)