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Robot journalist reports for Chinese news agency

In this eerie video, a humanoid robot interviews the founding executive editor of Wired magazine.

Even if robots take over many of our jobs, a new video of a robotic reporter gives me hope that journalists have nothing to worry about.

A video posted last week shows China-based Xinhua News Agency's first interactive robot reporter, Jia Jia, interviewing the founding executive editor of Wired magazine, Kevin Kelly.

While Jia Jia can understand dialogue and offers facial micro-expressions along with subtle body movements, she's far from the sophisticated humanoid robots of "Blade Runner" and "Westworld."

Jia Jia uses minimal expressions, making her look more like a mannequin than a robotic Lois Lane, especially when you see her up close. In another video posted last month, Jia Jia blinks her eyes and says, "Glad to see you," after someone off camera says hello. She can respond to basic questions like "Who are you?" and "How old are you?" but she's restricted in her movements. There are more lifelike animatronic humans on rides at Disneyland. Jia Jia has a long way to go .

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