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Robot in teddy bear's clothing

Demented Genius Award for modified toys

EMS Labs

A couple of months ago for Halloween, we bestowed the completely made-up Demented Genius Award upon the Evil Mad Scientists Laboratory, in recognition of the modification of a Lego man by sticking an LED in it. This created a disturbing modern version of Ichabod Crane's nemesis, the Headless Horseman.

Today we present the second Demented Genius Award to Evosapien member Nocturnal and his alter ego, who prefers to go unnamed. We were able to confirm that it's Mr. Nocturnal, and not Ms. Nocturnal, who took WowWee's popular Robosapien toy, gutted a teddy bear, and merged the two in an unholy union. He has thoughtfully published circuitry diagrams to whet the appetite of budding demented geniuses, and from the looks of it, he may even publish detailed how-tos someday.

Obviously, this kind of modding voids your warranty, and Robosapien may sue you for character defamation when he finds out that you've commandeered him to slaughter children's playthings, but other than that, it's just good, clean, wrong-in-the-head fun. Thanks to SlashGear for the heads-up.