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Robot gymnast does quadruple backflip, sticks landing

Hinamitetu is a Japanese gymnast that just happens to be made out of electronics. The accomplished robot just pulled off an impressive backflip.

The little robot that could. Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Hinamitetu may be the greatest gymnast you've never heard of. The small, somewhat humanoid robot has been honing its skills for several years. Its most recent achievement is a classic. Hinamitetu just stuck the landing on a quadruple blackflip off a tiny robot version of a horizontal bar.

Hinamitetu is the hand-crafted creation of a Japanese maker who has been running the little fella through a variety of gymnastic challenges. Hinamitetu has already conquered a double back handspring and a selection of difficult dismounts and landings.

Even robots have to practice when it comes to gymnastics. A series of videos of the robot's athletic exploits also comes with some bloopers showing failed efforts.

All of this hard work should position the bot as a frontrunner should Robot Olympics ever become a thing. The plucky little robot would really make for an inspiring athletic story narrated by a deep-voiced announcer with uplifting music playing in the background.

(Via Reddit)