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We're looking forward to this robot folding all our shirts (Tomorrow Daily 378 show notes)

FoldiMate won't go up for preorder until next year (and then you'll have to wait another year after that to have it delivered), but we still really want it to help us with our laundry.

Harvard University's RoboBee recently got an upgrade; previously, it could fly around and even swim, but now it's able to land on just about any surface and stick to its perch.

We're also experiencing some slight self-loathing over wanting a FoldiMate. For just $700 (ouch), you can pre-order a robot that will fluff and fold your shirts into a neat stack.

Now playing: Watch this: FoldiMate will probably be our laundry-folding bestie...

FoldiMate will probably be our laundry-folding bestie (Tomorrow Daily Podcast 378)

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