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'Robomow' celebrates St. George's Day

Robotic lawnmower appeals to U.K. patriotism.

Mower Magic

If BattleBots were mashed up with Roombas and rumbled in the backyard, it might resemble the hotly competitive landscape of today's robotic lawnmowers. Robo-mowers like the LawnBott and Auto Mower are always searching for new gimmicks to distinguish themselves, such as going hybrid with solar energy.

But the "Robomow" is taking a different tack altogether, introducing a limited edition that celebrates England's St. George's Day. The custom mower, which bears the St. George's Day cross on its hull, has been named "Sir Cut Alot, Mower of the Roundtable," according to U.K.-based Pocket-lint.

Basically a RL1000 model that has been on the market for some time, this commemorative Robomow can last for 3 hours on a charge and cover more than 6,500 square feet. Among other features are a docking station, rain sensor, high-speed mulching system, and perhaps most important, a theft guard--because some people have no shame.