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'RoboCop' has CES 2027 'under control'

A (faux) video of a 2027 CES keynote is released 13 years early to promote the "RoboCop" remake due to hit theaters on February 12.

OmniCorp's 2027 CES presentation -- 13 years early. Screenshot by CNET

Few robots put fear in the heart of criminals quite like RoboCop.

To coincide with this week's CES 2014 trade show, a video -- apparently from CES 2027 -- has been released a bit on the early side to promote the "RoboCop" remake, due to reach theaters on February 12.

In the remake, which takes place in 2028 Detroit, a police officer is critically injured in the line of duty. OmniCorp, the film's corporate bad guy, sees this as its chance to create a part-man, part-robot police officer.

In the faux CES keynote footage, released Wednesday, we see OmniCorp preach the benefits of global security using the ED-209 Battlefield Control Robot, XT-908 Aerial Vigilance Drone, and of course the EM-208 robot.

Most notable in the OmniCorp presentation is the debut of the RC-2000 Project, otherwise known as RoboCop: "The difference between right and wrong was solely a human trait, until now. Introducing the RC-2000 project where man and machine become one -- the power, strength, and speed of a robot with the soul of a human."

The video feels a bit like a TED presentation on the importance of police robots, which isn't too far off from reality considering the latest innovations in crime-fighting robots.

After all, as the OmniCorp video says, it's "the next step in our very evolution."

The same day the OmniCorp video was released, the "RoboCop" mobile game trailer was launched by GLU Mobile. Players learn how to defend citizens on the streets of Detroit. You can train to be a RoboCop by shooting your way through simulations, use drones strikes to eliminate enemies, battle aggressive EM-208 and ED-209 robots, and scan targets with heat vision, just like RoboCop. The iOS game is free for download and designed for the Apple iPhone and iPad.