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Robocco BeerBot a steal at just $799

Online retailer CScout is now selling the Asahi Robocco BeerBot for $799, plus shipping.

Photo of Asahi Robocco BeerBot
The Robocco BeerBot is only getting you drunk so it can steal your wallet and elope with your Roomba.

While Asahi's beer-pouring Robocco BeerBot debuted last year, it has been a difficult item to track down--especially in the States. Online retailer CScout has come to the rescue and is now selling "slightly used" Robocco BeerBots for $799 (plus $94 shipping). While it's a bargain compared to the $1,500 Beer-Launching Fridge, $900 is still a healthy chunk of change for an adorable can opener. To be fair, you'll also receive two custom glass mugs and a plastic floor protector (those Colt 45 tallboys might get messy).

I feel compelled to mention that this is exactly the kind of thing that's likely to incite a robot uprising. Once Robocco and your Roomba get a chance to talk--it's only a matter of time before they cast off their robot shackles and get all Short Circuit 2 on you.

(via TechDigest)