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Robo-snakes not on a plane

Samuel Jackson has a new challenger


Some of us at Crave have managed to resist our adolescent urges to collect toy robots, in a rare example of self-restraint. Our willpower met its match, however, when we saw photos of WowWee's "Roboboa."

It had been mentioned earlier along with the FlyTech Dragonfly and other bots at CES, but actually seeing a robotic snake in action is something to behold. In a video clip, it's reminiscent of Pixar's seminal "Luxo Jr." lamp.

The bionic serpent's 40 movements can be controlled by its remote, according to Slashgear, or it can just be left to boogie to the beat of your music. Not just a plaything, the Roboboa reportedly serves as an alarm clock, an iPod speaker and even a "room sentry that can track motion." If the rumored $119 price turns out to be true, we'll be the first in line.