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Robo-lawnmower goes hybrid

The "Automower Solar Hybrid" is a greener version of the Roomba of lawnmowers.

Last year's model hard at work Husqvarna

Sure, your neighbor may have already put in his order for the next year's hybrid coupe, but what's he using to mow the lawn? Now you can scoff at his old pollution machine while you roll out your shiny new solar-powered model--and best of all, you can watch it do its thing while sipping a martini on the deck.

Not only does the "Automower Solar Hybrid" combine solar energy and electricity while navigating itself around the perimeter, according to Sweden's Husqvarna, but it's also 90 percent recyclable and has no exhaust emissions. The company is no stranger to robo-mower business, which has already seen competition from the "LawnBott" and other automated clippers: It introduced its previous model just last summer, touting its environmentally friendly features then as well.

Between this and "Falco" robo-raptor to keep away the crows, lawn care may soon become a spectator sport.