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Robo-exterminator is termite's nightmare

'Termibot' goes where you don't want to


We love those indefatigable cleaning twins, the "Roomba" and "Scooba," but they're yesterday's news. The "LawnBott"? It's OK, but we just can't get all that excited about cutting grass. But a gadget that seeks out and kills termites--now that's our kinda house-bot.

The "Termibot" uses video and thermal-imaging cameras to detect the presence of a nest and then blasts its hapless inhabitants with pesticides, all without the need to tear down walls. The current version, which Gizmag says is scheduled for release this year, uses a long cable but is likely to go wireless later on.

This robo-exterminator's targets aren't confined to termites, by the way. But no, its definition of domestic pests doesn't include humans.