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Robo-chair goes by the book

Concept would follow you around the library.


Now here's a trend we can definitely get behind--or in front of, as the case may be: Robo-devices that follow you around. We thought the "Shadow Caddy" was a nice idea but just an isolated novelty when it surfaced last month, but maybe there's more to it after all.

The general idea has been expanded to, of all places, the library with the "Take a Seat Chair." This agreeable robo-concept would theoretically follow whomever activated it with a swipe of the library card across its sensors. It's the brainchild of Dutch designer Jelte van Geest, who conceived the idea for the Openbare Bibliotheek Endhoven Library Design project, according to Uber-Review.

The only complication we can foresee is renting one of these in a facility with a lot of staircases. But if it can be combined with a Roomba, perhaps libraries could install more elevators from the cost savings in janitorial labor.