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Robert Scoble aka Mr. Twitter

Self-proclaimed "geek blogger" Robert Scoble has nearly 48,000 followers on Twitter and he follows almost 21,000 people. How does he do it.

LAS VEGAS--There are millions of people who use Twitter--the microblogging site where all messages must be 140 or fewer characters long--but I can't think of anyone more active on the service than self-proclaimed "tech geek blogger" Robert Scoble.

Not only does he have nearly 48,000 people who follow him (read his Twitter posts which are called "tweets") but he follows nearly 21,000 people. I ran into Robert at the Showstoppers reception at CES where I asked him how he can possibly keep up with that many people on Twitter. After that I asked him what he liked at CES and, like a lot of other people, he raved about the Palm Pre.