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Rob Enderle be a lady tonight

Enderle fails to disclose conflict of interest.

Last week we learned the answer to a question that has plagued mankind from time immemorial. "Who the heck pays Rob Enderle to do whatever the heck it is exactly he does?" Not too surprisingly, the answer was Dell, on their upcoming iPod killah! (Good luck with that by the way, boys!)

This week, Rob outdoes his already jacktastic standards by writing in glowing terms about a project he's being paid to consult on without, you know, revealing he's being paid to consult on it.

I'm not sure I'd bet against Michael Dell.

Well, sure, Rob. It's not polite to bet against the guy who brought you to the game.

A lady never leaves her escort
It isnt fair, it isnt nice
A lady doesnt wander all over the room
And blow on some other guys dice

Lets keep this party polite
Never get out of my sight
Stick with me baby, I'm the guy that you came in with
Luck be a lady tonight

- Luck be a Lady Tonight, Frank Sinatra from "Guys and Dolls", music and lyrics by Frank Loesser (tip o' the antlers to Neil Bernstein via email)