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Road Trip pic of the day, 7/13: What and where?

For today's photo challenge, can you tell me where this artwork is located, and who the artist is? If you're the first to do so, I have a prize for you.

Who made this, and where is it located? If you're the first to solve this Road Trip 2009 challenge, you'll win a prize. Daniel Terdiman/CNET

Update (9:41 p.m.): We have a winner. The answer is that this beautiful kinetic sculpture is by the late artist Starr Kempf, and it is in front of his family's home in Colorado Springs, Colo.

MISSOULA, Mont.--Over the last 22 days, on Road Trip 2009, I've driven close to 4,000 miles, extensively covered three states and touched on three others. During that time, I've seen some pretty amazing things, some of which I've already written about, and others which I will later.

One thing I have discovered is that my Picture of the Day challenges have been too easy. After the first couple, I realized that folks were solving them with Google searches, so I tried to make them harder. And that didn't work. I even offered a second prize if someone could identify the last one, Newspaper Rock, in Utah, with a Google search of four words. I thought it couldn't be done. Someone did it with a two word search. Silly me.

So, today, I'm offering what I hope might be a harder challenge than the previous ones. This one is an artwork in a city I passed through during Road Trip, but I'm not saying which city, or even what state. I will say that the piece in this picture is large, is one of several by the same artist on this property, and that it moves with the wind.

If you are the first person to send me an e-mail correctly identifying the artist and the city this is in, then you win a prize. I'm not interested in any of the controversy surrounding the art, the artist or his family.

Please send your e-mails, with the phrase "Picture of the Day" in the subject, to daniel dot terdiman at cnet dot com.

Good luck.

Geek Gestalt at the tail end of Road Trip 2009. After driving more than 12,000 miles in the Pacific Northwest, the Southwest and the Southeast over the last three years, he's now writing about and photographing the best in technology, science, military, nature, aviation and more in Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota and Colorado. If you have a suggestion for someplace to visit, drop me a line. And in the meantime, join the Road Trip 2009 Facebook page and follow my Twitter feed.