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Road Trip Pic of the day, 7/12: What's the story?

For Sunday's photo challenge, can you be the first person to say what this picture is, and where it's from? If you are, you'll win a Road Trip prize.

What is this, and where is it located? Be the first to provide that answer to today's Road Trip 2009 Picture of the Day challenge, and you win a prize. And there's a bonus prize-worthy challenge, too. Daniel Terdiman/CNET

Update (11:06 p.m.): I've been out of Internet touch all day, but we've long since had a winner. The petroglyph in question is Newspaper Rock, in Utah. It was also possible to find the result by Googling "Petroglyph USA."

RIGGINS, Idaho--In the American West, nature's walls can tell a lot of stories. Many can be told through an examination and analysis of the landscape itself: what do all the different colors in the layers of the Grand Canyon say about the history of the region?

But others are man-made, even when left behind on great spots in nature.

For example, the picture above must surely depict a fantastic story, of one kind or another. Unfortunately, it's true that no one knows exactly what that story is, or whether it's even narrative.

What is known is that in a region that I drove through earlier on Road Trip 2009, anyone can stop by and personally try to interpret the original, much larger and more complete version of this.

My challenge to you: what is this called and where is it located?

I'm learning as I do more of these Picture of the Day challenges, that even the smallest clues seem to make them too easy. Gee, thanks, Google. So, I'm withholding the kinds of hints that led the previous two iterations of this Road Trip sidebar to be solved within mere minutes.

Not to say that you won't have the answer in mere minutes. Perhaps you've seen this yourself. If not, you'll just have to do a little bit more to solve it than type four words into a Google search. Or not. So here's a second challenge: if it's possible, and you're the first person to find the answer to this with a four-word Google search, based on nothing more than what I've written here and the photo above, you win a prize, too. You just have to tell me what the four words are so I can verify it.

Good luck.

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