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Road Runner unveils high-speed Net service upgrade

The cable modem service provider launches a new version of its high-speed Internet access service with several new features that make the software easier to use.

Road Runner, a major cable modem service provider, unveiled a new version of its high-speed Internet access service today with several new features.

The Road Runner v2.4.1 upgrade is intended to make the service easier to use for the company's 730,000 customers.

Available to its 46 cable affiliates, the software includes new personal management and reference tools such as calendars and searching functions. The latest version of Road Runner also features a new welcome screen, faster page downloads, more shortcut links and voice chat capabilities.

Road Runner, a partnership between cable operators Time Warner and MediaOne Group as well as Microsoft, Compaq Computer and Advance/Newhouse, is not alone in improving its service and Internet content.

Excite@Home, the nation's largest high-speed Net access provider, announced a new version of its service earlier this year. Many of the competing digital subscriber line (DSL) providers also have begun offering Web content to attract users.

Road Runner's new service includes partnerships with MyEvents to provide calendar and email reminder functions, for romance community features, Lipstream for Internet voice communications, as well as search and directory deals with, Looksmart and Switchboard.