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Rio Olympics torch undergoes extreme torture test with power tools

The torch designed for the Rio Olympics is as tough as a decathlon champion. See if a series of angle grinders can take it apart.

The Olympic torch is an enduring symbol of stamina and athleticism. This year's torch for the Brazil games is a fascinating creature with a telescoping design that reveals segments representing "harmonious diversity, contagious energy and exuberant nature." That lovely concept didn't stop the "What's Inside?" YouTube channel from attempting to hack one open with power tools.

"What's Inside" got its hands on a real torch from the Olympics relay. The first step before breaking out the angle grinder was opening up the bottom of the torch to access the fuel tank that keeps the flame lit. It's not the sort of thing you want to leave in there while you're sparking up the metal with power tools. With the fuel tank confirmed missing, the hacking attack starts in earnest.

The torch's aluminum skin gives the angle grinder a hard time. "This is an Olympic sport of itself just trying to cut open the torch," one of the hosts says. It's a long, tough process to cut a line down the side of the torch, and in total, it takes three different saws to get through it. The worthwhile reward is a fascinating peek at the colorful and complicated segmented insides. It's not just a torch; it's a full-on gadget.