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Ringtone roundup: Ding ding!

Who's responsible for the No. 1 ringtone in the land this week? Nobody knows.

This glowing question mark both defines and appears on this week's chart.

Who's responsible for the No. 1 ringtone in the land this week? We don't know. doesn't know, and they create the ringtone chart. Are you responsible? Please own up.

"NYSE Bell" by Unknown is the most-downloaded ringtone in America. We're assuming it's the sound of the New York Stock Exchange bell ringing, but there's really no way of knowing.

Locked in at No. 2 is a tune everybody knows: the "Super Mario Brothers Theme" by Koji Kondo.

And what else could follow a ringtone written by a Japanese man about two Italian plumbers? Yes, rappers.

Unk's "2 Step" slips two spots to the three hole this week, while T-Pain Featuring Yung Joc's "Buy U a Drank (Shawty Snappin')" bats cleanup.

Underscoring the utter randomness and juxtaposition that defines this week's ringtone chart, Henry Mancini's "Pink Panther Theme" is at No. 5. You couldn't make this stuff up.

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