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RingerWraps: A raincoat for your cell phone

Has CleverWraps finally come up with the solution for the active lifestyle? Possibly, but a regular ol' plastic sandwich bag seems to offer the same protection.

RingerWraps feature a zip closure for protection and resealable tape for a custom fit. CleverWraps

Leave it to a company named CleverWraps to design a Ziploc bag for the 21st century--RingerWraps, which are billed as "disposable, protective sleeves for mobile phones." Forgive me, but the description almost sounds like it was lifted off the box for, ahem, another kind of protection.

iPhone in Ziploc
Captain Solo did fine in my Ziploc bag. Christopher MacManus/CNET

Anyway...The company boasts that your phone's keyboard, voice calling, music playback, and even Bluetooth functions will continue to work well in the special bags, which come in small, medium, and large sizes to work with a variety of phones and can protect your device against the elements.

Is this finally the solution for my active lifestyle that I've been looking for? One would think. But things changed when I put my phone in a regular ol' Ziploc bag and discovered that it works exactly the same way.

In fact, in my experience with a standard-size Hefty OneZip Sandwich Bag, an iPhone 4 touch-screen worked flawlessly and I was able to swipe around with ease. Phone calls sounded great and the other side could hear me just fine. The excess space in the bag easily wrapped around the back and was unobtrusive. I also splashed water on the bag and the phone was unharmed. Strike three.

Five RingerWraps go for $9.99, but it's hard to advocate them wholeheartedly when many of you out there already have the same thing in Ziploc bags, which are less expensive and come with more bags per box. Regardless, I do applaud the company for releasing cell phone protection that doesn't cost $30 or more, which seems to be the norm these days.