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RIM to hold BlackBerry developer conference

Mobile application developers will have a chance to learn more about how to get their software on the BlackBerry during an October conference put on by RIM.

Research in Motion will hold its own conference for smartphone developers later this year, as interest in mobile development continues to grow.

Developers will learn more about creating apps for the BlackBerry Bold later this year. RIM

Electronista spotted a Web page advertising the BlackBerry Developer Conference, scheduled for the week of October 20 in Santa Clara, Calif. The two-and-a-half day conference will feature the usual keynote speeches and technical sessions, but RIM doesn't seem to have settled on an agenda just yet.

Smartphone application development appears to be the next frontier for software developers. Such applications have already been in development for years for operating systems like Symbian and Windows Mobile, but the swell of interest in Apple's iPhone and Google's Android operating systems is generating new demand for third-party software that knows how to play well within the constraints of a phone.

The BlackBerry is the leading smartphone in North America, and is No. 2 on a worldwide basis. RIM just launched the newest version, the BlackBerry Bold, this week.