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RIM reveals details of BlackBerry workaround

RIM reveals details of BlackBerry workaround

We were starting to have our doubts, but today, Research in Motion finally unveiled some details about its software workaround to allow the continuation of BlackBerry service, should a court impose an injunction related to the company's legal battle with NTP. In a press release, RIM's chairman and co-CEO Jim Balsillie stated, "RIM's workaround provides a contingency for our customers and partners and a counterbalance to NTP's threats. This will hopefully lead to more reasonable negotiations, since NTP risks losing all future royalties if the workaround is implemented." Without revealing the finite details of the workaround, RIM gave an overview of the software update, which has been dubbed BlackBerry Multi-Mode Edition. The update allows for underlying changes to the message-delivery system so that it can continue to run in Standard mode (in other words, the same manner in which it works now so that you won't experience any changes) and will require users to download and install the update. RIM said it has tested the system with success, and it has also passed legal opinion (read: It doesn't infringe of any of NTP's patents. Phewf!).

We'll of course continue to keep a close eye on the situation, but in the meantime, check out's FAQ on the legal battle between RIM and NTP.