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RIM, Palm raise handheld stakes

Research In Motion offers a voice-enabled BlackBerry, and Palm gets colorful with two new devices. Microsoft, meanwhile, names an executive to lead its mobile efforts.

As competition heats up in the arena for cell phones and handheld computers, the sound you hear could be a caller's voice coming over Research In Motion's BlackBerry. Palm, meanwhile, gets colorful with a pair of new computing gadgets, and Microsoft names an executive to lead its mobile efforts.

RIM adds phone to BlackBerry
Research In Motion launches a voice-enabled version of its e-mail device, placing it at the center of rising competition among makers of cellphones and handheld computers.
March 3, 2002 
Palm unveils new color handhelds
In a move aimed to show it still has a bright future, the handheld maker announces two new color models.
March 3, 2002 
Microsoft names head of mobile unit
The company appoints Pieter Knook to lead its amalgamated Network Service Provider and Mobile Devices groups as it pushes into mobile software and services.
March 4, 2002 

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