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RIM briefly outs BlackBerry Tour 9650 on Facebook

RIM briefly confirms the upcoming availability of the BlackBerry Tour 9650 on Facebook, but then removes the post. Oh RIM, you tease.


It's no secret that a Wi-Fi-enabled BlackBerry Tour will be making its way to Sprint and (most likely) Verizon Wireless, but one question remains: When? Well, we still don't have an exact date for you but it seems the device's release is imminent. RIM posted an update on its Facebook page on Wednesday that read, "The BlackBerry Tour 9650 is coming! Check back soon for official news!" The wall post has since been removed (hey, no take-backs RIM!) but obviously not before BlackBerry fans caught wind of it.

In addition to a release date, it'll also be interesting to see if the carriers offer any price breaks for those who want to upgrade from their current Tour, which came out only in July, though we think this is doubtful. Aside from Wi-Fi, the Tour 9650 will offer an optical trackpad like the latest BlackBerry models but should otherwise keep the same features as its Wi-Fi-less sibling. Hold tight, folks; it looks like it won't be too long now.

(Source: Crackberry via Engadget Mobile)