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RIM BlackBerry Bold reviewed: Worth the wait

The long-delayed RIM BlackBerry Bold is just days away from release and CNET has a hands-on review.

RIM BlackBerry Bold
RIM BlackBerry Bold Corinne Schulze/CNET Networks

It's been a good six months since Research in Motion first announced the RIM BlackBerry Bold (aka RIM BlackBerry 9000). Originally slated for a summer release on AT&T, the launch date kept getting pushed back...and back. Frustrated with the delays and wooed by other new smartphone releases, we moved on (and so did many of you) and nearly gave up on the Bold. However, now that we finally have it hand, the love affair has begun all over again.

Read our full review of the RIM BlackBerry Bold to get all the details and check out our hands-on photo gallery.