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Rihanna 'Sledgehammer' music video the first to debut in Imax theaters

The music video for the song on the 'Star Trek: Beyond' soundtrack will debut on Vevo and Tidal after its big Imax debut.

The music video for "Sledgehammer," Rihanna's song on the "Star Trek: Beyond" soundtrack, will be the first of its kind to debut in Imax theaters.

It will premiere Thursday, June 30, in Imax theaters at 9 a.m ET, and will then be available an hour later to stream on Vevo and Tidal.

Like Adele's "Hello" music video, "Sledgehammer" was shot using Imax cameras. However, Rihanna's latest video -- which looks like a dark, visual mashup of Madonna's Nothing Really Matters with The Internet's Girl -- features a different, newer camera, the Alex Imax. (It was used to film the epic battle scene in "Captain America: Civil War".)

As the first music video shot with Imax cameras to premiere in Imax theaters, you can catch it before Imax showings of "The Legend of Tarzan" starting tomorrow.

"Star Trek Beyond" is scheduled to land in cinemas around the world on July 22.