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Rihanna to drop Sledgehammer: New 'Star Trek' single releasing Monday

Pop star Rihanna has teased the upcoming release of her single Sledgehammer, written for the soundtrack of upcoming film "Star Trek Beyond."

Rihanna has already released a line of "Star Trek"-inspired sunglasses in collaboration with Dior, now the singer-songwriter is about to release Sledgehammer. The single, about which little is known apart from the name, will be included in the soundtrack for upcoming film "Star Trek Beyond."

There's a teaser for the track on US iTunes, and Rihanna herself has teased it across social media, including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. According to fan Twitter account Rihanna Diaries, the pop star may have begun working on the song as early as May 2014.

"Star Trek Beyond" is due to arrive in cinemas around the world on July 22, 2016.

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