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Tech Industry

RightNow Technologies posts profit

The pioneer in pay-to-play enterprise software has seen its stock more than double since going public in August.

Subscription software company RightNow Technologies reported a 78 percent jump in third-quarter revenue on Monday, helping it move from $1 million in losses in the same quarter last year into a $1.4 million quarterly profit. The company, based in Bozeman, Mont., is a pioneer in the market for pay-as-you-go software for businesses. Since offering its shares for public trading in August, the value of RightNow's stock has more than doubled.

RightNow earned $1.4 million, or 5 cents per share, on $16.4 million for the quarter, signing up 88 new customers for its software during that time. The company expects the growth to continue, forecasting revenue of $16.9 million to $17.3 million in the fourth quarter. For 2005, the company expects to earn 15 to 19 cents per share on revenue of $80 million to $84 million.