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Right column, wrong author

In response to the Dec. 6 Perspectives column by Charles Cooper, "An answer to dumb PC salespeople":

Although likely unintended, your column smacks heavily of cocky, arrogant superiority. News flash for you: Of course you're going to be better informed and educated about PC hardware by simple virtue of your job! You go into a situation where you're more heavily loaded with knowledge than the poor kid making $10 and commissions, and you're disappointed when you experience what you did?

Don't get me wrong, I see the validity in your article, in that most sales drones are undertrained, and thus don't adequately serve the PC-buying public. That is not only an old story, but also a common one that reaches out across EVERY industry where an expert in a particular field can't find satisfaction among his stomping grounds.

Bottom line, you were the wrong person to write this story because you know too much. Your expectation reference point is far and away higher than the average Joe6Pack, and thus it reduces your story to a cynic written flame on the already well-documented foibles of any sales job.

Eric Haruki
San Diego, Calif.